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Being retired for many years, I have been busy the last few years doing NC model train shows and making laser kits. I have been collecting a few models of my favorite railroads since early 2010. For many years I have only had most of my models in 4 display cases along the walls of my office with a 3 foot test track below one of the display case. In July 2019 I decide it was time for me to have a HO scale layout. Since I do not have much room I decided on a 5' X 8.5', I can even have a small railroad yard that will hold 18 40' freight cars and 3 to 4 cabooses. Engine house and tracks that will hold 4 locomotives. To be realistic on this small layout it would look better to not have any freight cars longer than 40 feet long. I have only known DC in the past, this time I am going all out with DCC and sound locomotives. I started collecting these DCC sound locomotives a few years ago and converting others to DCC/sound.

Since I am modeling small, this will mostly be for freight switching. This layout will have a small yard, hopper ramp for sand & gravel, tanks cars for oil company, gondolas for scrap metal yard, box cars for freight warehouse and freight depot. My steam era will only have a 2-6-0, 4-6-0 and a 4-4-0 private road name. I will be modeling a few Southern Railway, Seaboard Air Line and the original Norfolk Southern diesels in the 1950's. Not together on the layout but each railroad separately. This small layout will have no Locomotives newer than 1963, no locomotives with Front Ditch Lights. All diesel with 4 wheel trucks except for 2 Baldwin AS-416. See "Mike's Layout" in the menu bar above.
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PLEASE NOTE: As time passes on, this layout is constantly being updated. Check back every week or so for new information and photos on the "layout" link as it progresses. Refresh Browser "Now with 10 web pages.". . . . Last Update 2-23-2024

New Bowser HO Scale Norfolk Southern and
Durham & Southern Baldwin vs The Real Baldwin Diesel



My Small Layout 8.5' X 5'

I started this small layout the first of July 2019. Worked on this for awhile. Got the frame work done, plywood top, added cork roadbed, all track layed and wired for DCC. This project was set aside, now (mid Nov. 2021) it is time to start back on it. . . . .

Info Link: Heonis.net


East Coast Laser Kits

I still have EastCoastLaserKits.com with a few kits there for sale plus Photo/Map CD's. . . .

Custom Building Metal Engine House



SAL Passenger Car Diagram Book:

All of these original prints have been scan and saved on a CD at Duncan-Parnell where they do most of our printing. The original 6 X 14 Seaboard (SAL) passenger diagram blueprint book is blue with white lettering.                 


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