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East Coast Details

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East Coast Details Caboose Ladders and End Railing in HO Scale

.013” SPR Brass Photo Etching Parts (HO Scale)
This design is from the old Norfolk Southern 2-window steel caboose.

Made for the MDC Roundhouse 3000 series 26'  2-window steel caboose.
These detail parts may fit other MDC Roundhouse caboose models or other brands.

The steps on the ladders are set back for a small 3D effect.

My first test was on a used assembled 26'  2-window steel caboose. I had to disassemble the HO caboose trying not to break anything.

First off I noticed the 2 outside handrail holes were not located the same space from the outside edge. The photo shows the top hole being more inside. I drilled out these 2 outside holes using a #61 drill bit. I should have tried drilling a new hole but instead. I tried drilling the hole out side to side.

The “Brass Caboose End Railing” I used was broke along the bottom. The bottom railing was made only to support the casting, the real caboose did not have this. After testing this on the model I found this was in the way of the brake wheel stand.

After trying to install the used brake wheel and stand, the railing needs to be between the brake wheel and stand. After installing the brass end railing, next install the brake wheel stand, next install the brake wheel with the brass railing in between. I found the Athearn caboose brake wheel and stand to work better, looks better and a little shorter.

Below is BEFORE